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With the comprehensive research based on technical & business perspectives, excavating the winning projects

DeFi Report @ Coinone

Under the partnership with Coinone, sourced comprehensive report as a snapshot of DeFi ecosystem's growth with insights to the Korean crypto community.

News Commentary @ Crypto media

Provided analysis & commentary on macro/micro issues in the blockchain market to crypto medias such as Coindesk Korea, Join:D

Everett Protocol

Staking Derivatives for better PoS

Everett Protocol allows users to create 'shadow tokens' called bAtoms that is fully backed by their staking position to solve the problem: “What if delegators could receive staking rewards and “What if delegators could receive staking rewards and be incentivized to pool their assets into DeFi simultaneously?” Ellipti came up with the answer: bAtoms, staking positions collateralized shadow token that delegators can use to pool into DeFi protocols.


1st Prize

@ HackAtom Seoul 2019

Over-collateralized staking derivatives with a SDK Uniswap module over IBC and a fully supported UX.


1st Prize

@ SF DeFi Hackathon 2019

Liquid Staking Position (LSP) NFTs, an additional token that has governance rights & receives rewards.