Ellipti shares insights about blockchain technology and market dynamics



dotInvestor Relations

@ Traditional VC venture program

Led client’s participation in the Bigbang Angels Venture program for its expansion in the Korean market & investment pitch.

Being a main communication channel: Participated Malta Blockchain week business trip & meetings, pitched to the crowd of traditional VCs and proceeded with the follow-up meetings.

dotStartup Pitch-race

@ Blockshow 2019

Ellipti participated as a judge with the reputational VCs as Winklevoss/SOSV/Fenbushi at Singapore Blockshow.

Judged and advised the idea, business model & the execution plan/feasibility.


@ PAX Economy TV

Shared insights on various concepts such as Stable coin / STO / Scaling solution…etc.

PAX ETV is a boradcast company focuses on economy with its own local TV channel.


@ Congress Policy Seminar 2021 (Hosted by Blockmedia)

@ Blockchain week 2020 (Hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology)

@ Dystopians Labs Liquidity 2020

@ ETHCON Seoul 2019

@ WBF 2018


@ Blahblock mentoring program (Hosted by Ministry of Science and Technology)

@ Founders in Jeju (Hosted by Decenter)

dotPitch day

@ Belgium Embassy in Korea